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Why Invest in Top Dividend Paying Stocks


The high dividend yield stocks give a powerful boost to income and retirement portfolios because these stocks are their best passive income sources. These stocks offer a high yield and some are outperforming the market.

Invest in high dividend payers stocks that have a record of continuous dividend payments.

Before Investing you have to find the reason for investing and the feature of Investment. Security and return are the important features of long term investment.

As per our experience invest in the fundamentally strong top-paying dividend company or stocks for the long term. Prefer blue-chip high dividend yield stocks.

Highest Dividend Paying Stocks

Investing in the unstable market is not comfortable as there are many stocks available; get the lists of the top & best dividend-paying stocks. At Equity2Commodity, find out the High Dividend Yield Stocks in India!

Dividend yield stocks

List of the highest dividend-paying stocks in India

“If someone wants an assured return (more than 15%) than he has to go for good dividend-yielding stocks”.

If you got a 7-9% dividend and approx of 8-10% return from your shares with the security of your wealth than it is a good bet for your future.

As you can see in the above chart, you will receive an average dividend of 7.04% and 35.64% for 3 years (Approx 11.88% per year). By making such type of portfolio you will easily get 15% plus return even in the uncertain market.

Top & Best Dividend Paying Stocks

Top & Best Dividend Paying Stocks

Vedanta, National Aluminium and REC Ltd give approx 9% dividend yield and approx 75% (25% annual) growth.


Equity2Commodity NSE and BSE Stock Screeners to help traders identify Top Dividend Paying Stocks on NSE and BSE.



“I have a lot of other things that also need to be considered and those are something that I will cover in my next post”.


I believe Top Dividend Yield Stocks will surely help you to make steady money for your future.


If you want to add some other parameters that make this investment more profitable, then please comments below. Your views and suggestion are always welcome.

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