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Sagar Mala Project will bring Blue Revolution in country. It has the potential to boost GDP of India by 2%. Companies involved in it can give 10 times return in next 5 years.

1 Year Return


3 Years Return


Why is Sagarmala Project So Crucial for India?

  • It is the Partner project of Make in India.

  • On three sides India is bound by sea and has a 7,516.6 km coastline.

  • India has 9 Coastal States and 3 UT. There is major scope for port led development.

  • Only 20% of the population living in these 9 Coastal States and 3 UT. But it contributes 60% of the GDP.

  • Railways contribute 9% to the GDP; Road sector contributes 6% to the GDP and ports’ share of GDP is only 1%.

  • Sagarmala project can boost GDP by 2 per cent: Ocean Group.

Why companies Involve in Sagar Mala Project will give 10 times return in next 5 years?

  • In Sagar Mala Project there is investment of Rs 12 lakh crore under various programmes.
  • Rs 8 lakh crore will be pumped into industrial clusters. Remaining Rs 4 lakh crore will go to port rail and port road connectivity
  • To execute Rs 5 lakh crore Sagarmala projects by May 2019
  • It will create 40 lakh direct jobs and many times indirect jobs.
  • After completion Sagarmala will save up to 40,000 crore per year on logistic costs. It will also boost exports by $110 billion.

There are so many companies involved in Sagar Mala Project so I divide it into 5 Parts.

Pipeline companies:

1) Oil India Limited

  • OIL, the pioneer in crude oil transportation in south-east Asia, owns and operates 1,432 km of cross-country crude oil pipelines.
  • It owns 10 crude oil pumping stations and 17 repeater stations spread across the eastern India states of Assam, West Bengal and Bihar .

2) Gammon India

  • Pipelines built by Gammon play a vital role in engineering and construction projects.
  • They meet specific requirement of gas, oil and water in India and overseas.
  • Gammon India is endorsed as a member of International Pipeline and Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA)

3) Maharashtra Seamless Ltd.

  • MSL is producing large diameter ERW pipes for applications in the field of natural gas, crude oil, refineries and other core sector industry like fertilizers etc.

4) Jindal Saw

  • Jindal SAW is a trusted name when it comes to manufacturing Seamless Tubes and Pipes, and meeting global demands of any scale.
  • Tubes and pipes of this company are extensively used in several other industries

5) Oil Country Tubular Ltd

  • OCTL’s wide product range covers Drill Pipe, Heavy Weight Drill Pipe, Drill Collars etc.
  • Services include Tool Joint Hard banding, Make and Break of Tool Joints, Internal Plastic Coating of Drill Pipe and Tubing, Reconditioning of Drill Pipe, Re-threading of Drill Pipe etc.

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