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Do you want to make money by investing in stocks which are favourites to Mutual Funds or should you pick up stocks that mutual funds are buying?
If your answer is Yes. Invest in Good Large Cap Stocks held by Mutual Funds.

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Do you want to make money by investing in large-cap stocks held by mutual funds?


  • If your answer is YES.

Then invest in Good Large Cap stocks which are favourites to Mutual Fund House. It is a safe investment and in long-term it can give you a very good return. Large Cap stocks are generally less risky and give a steady return. These stocks have the potential to beat the market. Invest smartly in these stocks for a better future.

There is a significant shift in the saving and investing habits of Indian investors. They are shifting towards mutual funds. Instead of quick gains, investors should focus on the longevity of investments as a long-term investment is almost risk-free and if you invest smartly it can make you wealthy.

If you are uncertain about picking the right stocks or cannot devote the time to track your bets, stick to the stocks bought by top large-cap mutual funds because these stocks have a proven track record.

However, it is extremely difficult to identify good large-cap stocks to buy for investment but if you follow steps that are given below you can easily identify large-cap stocks for long-term investment.

  • First, pick the best large-cap mutual funds which gave very good returns in the last few years.
  • Then, identify the stocks in which all the Mutual Funds that you pick continuously increasing their investments over the past four quarters.
  • After that, pick the most common stocks bought by mutual funds in which most of the Mutual Fund House has a considerable amount of holdings.
  • Shortlist these stocks based on performance.
  • After doing all the above steps, you will get the best quality large-cap stocks for long-term investment.
  • At last Invest in these stocks and you will get very good returns.

We observed portfolios of 133 Large-cap Mutual Fund schemes. Some stocks were present in a large number of mutual funds. It indicates that a lot of mutual fund managers are optimistic about those stocks. Here is a list of top 20 good large-cap stocks held by top mutual funds.

Mutual Funds Favourite Large Cap Stocks

Top 20 Large-Cap Stocks attracting mutual fund managers.

Funds: Number of funds having a particular stock in their portfolio
Value: Total amount invested by all mutual funds in a particular stock
Score: Sum of (percentage of portfolio value) of a particular stock in all mutual funds

You can see from the image that HDFC Bank and L&T are present in 108 and 104 mutual funds respectively [out of 133 observed MF in this category]. This means a lot of mutual fund managers are pretty confident that these stocks are going to outperform the market in the near future.

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One can derive numerous such insights from publicly available data and make smart investment decisions for a better future.


Click Here to visit Portfolio Distribution of MF FAVOURITES STOCKS

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