Port Companies in India

Port Companies involved in Sagar Mala Project will give multibagger return in the long run. This project brings the Blue Revolution in the country. It has the potential to boost GDP of India by 2%.

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Why is Sagarmala Project So Crucial for India?


  • It is the Partner project of Make in India.
  • On three sides India is bound by sea and has a 7,516.6 km coastline.
  • India has 9 Coastal States and 3 UT. There is major scope for port-led development.
  • Only 20% of the population living in these 9 Coastal States and 3 UT. But it contributes 60% of the GDP.
  • Railways contribute 9% to the GDP; Road sector contributes 6% to the GDP and ports’ share of GDP is only 1%.
  • Sagarmala project can boost GDP by 2 percent: Ocean Group.

Why companies Involve in Sagar Mala Project will give 10 times return in the next 5 years?

  • In Sagar Mala Project there is an investment of Rs 12 lakh crore under various programs.
  • Rs 8 lakh crore will be pumped into industrial clusters. Remaining Rs 4 lakh crore will go to port rail and port road connectivity.
  • To execute Rs 5 lakh crore Sagarmala projects by May 2019
  • It will create 40 lakh direct jobs and many times indirect jobs.
  • After completion Sagarmala will save up to 40,000 crores per year on logistics costs. It will also boost exports by $110 billion.

There are so many companies involved in Sagar Mala Project so I divide it into 5 Parts.

Port companies:

Port development requires a lot of construction work. Such as developing jetties, platforms, and berths, and these create business for such firms.


1) Adani Ports

Adani Ports is keen to complete its own ‘Sagarmala’ dream. It has made its presence in the three key states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh

Apart from that Company is setting up transshipment terminals in Southeast Asia and East Africa

2) L&T

Government push to the infrastructure sector through the revival of the Sagarmala project. Companies like L&T will be very much benefitted from it.

3) Gujarat Pipavav

Gujarat Pipavav is a cargo handling company.

The company plans to triple its annual handling of automotive cargo via RoRo (roll on roll off) vessels to 300,000 cars by 2020

4) Tata Steel

It is one of the top steel producing companies globally.

Tata Steel has the potential to shift about 1 million tonnes of steel from its inter-state rail movement to Kolkata Port from Jamshedpur

5) Sical Logistics

India’s leading integrated logistics solutions provider. It has experience of over 5 decades in providing end to end logistics solutions.

6) ITD Cementation

The company handles cargo at ports and specialist engineering division which constructs railways and roads, power stations for hydroelectricity, etc.

7) Mercator

As one of the largest private-sector dredging companies in India.

Shipping company Mercator Ltd is eyeing a slice the projected Rs 12,000-crore under the government’s ambitious Sagarmala initiative.


Click Here to visit Portfolio Distribution of Sagar Mala

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